Conference Schedule

Monday 10 November
Welcome Session

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Session A1

Invited Talk

Eric Gregoire: New perspectives on reasoning about logical conflicts in A.I.

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Coffee Break
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Session A21


CSP: Methodologies,
Techniques &
Session A22

Learning 1
Session A23

Planning 1
Session A24

Ontologies -
Representation &
Reasoning I
Lunch Break
Session A31


& Applications
Session A32

systems -
Learning II
Session A33

Session A34

Representation &
Reasoning II
Coffee Break
Session A41


and their
Session A42

Networks I
Session A43

Planning II &
Session A44

Emotion Analysis
Welcome Reception (St. Raphael Resort-Venue)

Tuesday 11 November
Session B1

Invited Talk

Barry O'Sullivan: Energy Management and Data Centres: Where Optimisation and Learning Meet

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Coffee Break
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Session B21


Soft Constraints
Session B22

CIMA 2014
Session B23

Networks II
Session B24

A.I. Applications
Lunch Break
Session B31


CSP: Applications
Session B32

Documents &
Session B33

Robotics -
Gesture -
Session B34

AI Tools,
Applications I
Coffee Break
Session B41


Parallel Solving,
Session B42

Big Data -
Data Mining
& Databases
Session B43

Session B44

AI Tools,
Applications II
Conference Dinner

Wednesday 12 November
Session C1

Invited Talk

George Vouros: Reaching Semantic Agreements in Multi-Agent Systems

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Session C21

SAT and
Session C22

A.I. for Traffic-
Transportation &
Navigation Issues
Session C23

AI Tools,
Applications III
Session C24

AI Tools,
Applications IV
Lunch Break

Important Note: The time for presentation is 20-25 minutes for regular papers and 15 minutes for short papers. A DLP and a laptop will be available. The presenters have the option of either using the available laptop or connect their own laptop to the DLP.

Session A21. SAT/CSP 1 CSP: Methodologies, Techniques & Applications
Chair: Barry O'Sullivan
  • Christian Bessiere, Remi Coletta and Nadjib Lazaar. Solve a Constraint Problem Without Modeling It (REGULAR)
  • Hiep Nguyen, Thomas Schiex, Christian Bessiere and Simon de Givry. Maintaining Virtual Arc Consistency Dynamically During Search (REGULAR)
  • Victor Reyes and Ignacio Araya. Probing-based variable selection heuristics for NCSPs (REGULAR)
  • Ignacio Araya. Estimating Upper Bounds for Improving the Filtering in Interval Branch and Bound Optimizers (REGULAR)

Session A22. Machine Learning I
Chair: Shizhong Liao
  • 80 Chowdhury Farhan Ahmed, Nicolas Lachiche, Clement Charnay and Agnes Braud. Reframing Continuous Input Attributes (REGULAR)
  • 77 Dominique Bouthinon and Henry Soldano. Learning First Order Rules From Ambiguous Examples (REGULAR)
  • 220 Josef Pihera and Nysret Musliu. Application of Machine Learning to Algorithm Selection for TSP (REGULAR)
  • 27 Jin Xu, Zhihua Cai and Wenyin Gong. An Adaptive Strategy to Adjust the Components of Memetic Algorithms (REGULAR)
  • 101 Leonardo Tavares, Rodney Saldanha, Douglas Vieira and Adriano Lisboa. A comparative study of Extreme Learning Machine Pruning based on detection of linear independence (SHORT)
  • 133 Yongming Wang and Junzhong Gu. Hybridization of Support Vector Regression and Firefly Algorithm for Diarrhoeal Outpatient Visits Forecasting (SHORT)

Session A23. Planning I
Chair: Sherief Abdallah
  • 148 Marika Ivanova and Pavel Surynek. Adversarial Cooperative Path-finding: Complexity and Algorithms (REGULAR)
  • 92 Jianbing Ma, Weiru Liu, Jun Hong, Lluis Godo and Carles Sierra. Plan Selection for Probabilistic BDI Agents (REGULAR)
  • 204 George Markou and Ioannis Refanidis. Anytime Planning for Web Service Composition via Alternative Plan Merging (REGULAR)
  • 200 Enrico Scala, Sebastiano Concetto Marco Caff and Francesco Di Mauro. A Numeric PDDL Based Approach for Temporally Constrained Journey Problems (REGULAR)
  • 256 Radja Boukharrou, Ahmed Chawki Chaouche, Jean-Michel Ilie and Djamel Eddine Saidouni. Contextual-Timed Planning Management for Ambient Systems (REGULAR)
  • 234 Filip Dvorak, Arthur Bit-Monnot, Felix Ingrand, Malik Ghallab and Roman Bartak. Planning and Acting with Temporal and Hierarchical Decomposition Models (SHORT)

Session A24. Ontologies - Knowledge Representation & Reasoning I
Chair: Euripides Petrakis
  • 84 Jose Martin Lozano Aparicio, Joel Carbonera, Mara Abel and Marcelo Pimenta. Ontology View extraction: an approach based on ontological meta-properties (REGULAR)
  • 140 Luan Garcia, Joel Luis Carbonera and Mara Abel. An Ontology-Based Automatic Approach for Lithologic Correlation (REGULAR)
  • 197 Montserrat Batet and David Sanchez. A semantic approach for ontology evaluation (REGULAR)
  • 225 Said Jabbour, Yue Ma, Badran Raddaoui and Lakhdar Sais. On the Characterization of Inconsistency: A Prime Implicates Based Framework (REGULAR)
  • 104 Kim Bauters, Weiru Liu, Jun Hong, Lluis Godo and Carles Sierra. A Syntactic Approach to Revising Epistemic States with Uncertain Inputs (REGULAR)
  • 31 Ilias Tachmazidis, Long Cheng, Spyros Kotoulas, Grigoris Antoniou and Tomas E. Ward. Massively Parallel Reasoning under the Well-Founded Semantics using X10 (REGULAR)

Session A31. SAT/CSP 2 CSP/SAT/Optimization & Applications
Chair: Bertrand Mazure
  • Nicolas Schwind, Tenda Okimoto, Sebastien Konieczny, Maxime Wack and Katsumi Inoue. Utilitarian and Egalitarian Solutions for Multi-Objective Constraint Optimization (REGULAR)
  • Alejandro Arbelaez, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan and Luis Quesada. Constraint Based Local Search for Distance and Capacity Bounded Network Design Problem (REGULAR)
  • Michael Codish, Luis Cruz-Filipe, Michael Frank and Peter Schneider-Kamp. Twenty-Five Comparators is Optimal when Sorting Nine Inputs (and Twenty-Nine for Ten) (REGULAR)
  • Michael Sioutis. Triangulation versus Graph Partitioning for Tackling Large Real World Qualitative Spatial Networks (REGULAR)

Session A32. Tutoring systems & Machine Learning II
Chair: Panagiotis Kanellopoulos
  • 18 Ruth Janning, Carlotta Schatten, Lars Schmidt-Thieme and Gerhard Backfried. An SVM Plait for Improving Affect Recognition in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (REGULAR)
  • 180 Ke Niu, Zhendong Niu, Donglei Liu, Xiangyu Zhao and Peipei Gu. A Personalized User Evaluation Model for Web-Based Learning Systems (REGULAR)
  • 146 Emilien Bondu, Nathalie Chaignaud, Jean-Philippe Kotowicz and Habib Abdulrab. A Support System for the Capitalization and the Exploitation of Expert Knowledge (REGULAR)
  • 107 Zhi Yin, Xin Wang, Xiaoqiong Wu, Chen Liang and Congfu Xu. Collaborative Ranking via Learning Social Experts (REGULAR)
  • 135 Ming Fang, Yuqi Xiao, Chongjun Wang and Junyuan Xie. Multi-Label classification: Dealing with Imbalance by Combining Labels (SHORT)
  • 164 Lara Dantas and Meuser Valenca. Using neural networks in the identification of signatures for prediction of Alzheimer's Disease (SHORT)

Session A33. Clustering
Chair: Nicolas Lachiche
  • 154 Bo Dong, Yan Cui and Shizhong Liao. Clustering Human Wrist Pulse Signals via Multiple Criteria Decision Making (REGULAR)
  • 138 Fenfei Guo, Deqiang Han and Chongzhao Han. k-intervals: a new extension of the k-means algorithm (REGULAR)
  • 89 Joel Carbonera. Categorical data clustering: A correlation-based approach for unsupervised attribute weighting (SHORT)
  • 175 Qin Liu, Jingxiao Zhang, Jiakai Xiao, Hongming Zhu and Qinpei Zhao. A Supervised Feature Selection Algorithm through Minimum Spanning Tree Clustering (REGULAR)
  • 251 Joel Luis Carbonera. An entropy-based subspace clustering algorithm for categorical data (REGULAR)
  • 108 Felix Richter, Sergio Di Martino and Dirk C. Mattfeld. Temporal and spatial clustering for a parking prediction service (SHORT)

Session A34. Knowledge Representation & Reasoning II
Chair: Filip Dvorak
  • 88 Nikolaos Mainas and Euripides Petrakis. CHOROS 2: Improving the Performance of Qualitative Spatial Reasoning in OWL (REGULAR)
  • 64 Aymeric Le Dorze, Laurent Garcia, David Genest and Stephane Loiseau. Synthesis of cognitive maps and applications (REGULAR)
  • 149 Stavros Kontopoulos and Georgios Drakopoulos. A space efficient scheme for persistent graph representation (SHORT)
  • 62 David Genest, Marc Legeay, Stephane Loiseau and Christophe Bechade. CGQL: A Graphical Query Language for Conceptual Graphs (SHORT)
  • 151 Eleftherios Anagnostopoulos, Euripides Petrakis and Sotirios Batsakis. CHRONOS: A Reasoning Engine for Qualitative Temporal Information in OWL (SHORT)
  • 127 Ligia Maria Soares Passos and Stephane Julia. Linear Logic as a Tool for Deadlock-freeness Scenarios Detection in Interorganizational Workflow Processes (SHORT)

Session A41. SAT/CSP 3 SAT, MAX-SAT and their Applications
Chair: Samir Loudni
  • Eric Gregoire, Jean-Marie Lagniez and Bertrand Mazure. Multiple Contraction Through Partial-Max-SAT (REGULAR)
  • Jeremias Berg and Matti Jarvisalo. SAT-Based Approaches to Treewidth Computation: An Evaluation (REGULAR)
  • Andre Abrame and Djamal Habet. Local Max-Resolution in Branch and Bound Solvers for Max-SAT (REGULAR)

Session A42. Social Networks I
Chair: Michalis Zervakis
  • 91 Wanyuan Wang and Yichuan Jiang. A Practical Negotiation-Based Team Formation Model for Non-Cooperative Social Networks (REGULAR)
  • 269 Alessia Amelio and Clara Pizzuti. Community Detection in Multidimensional Networks (REGULAR)
  • 252 Peiyu Yang, Tongyu Zhu and Xuejin Wan. Identifying Significant Places Using Multi-day Call Detail Records (REGULAR)
  • 242 Rushed Kanawati. Multi-objective approach for local community computation (REGULAR)
  • 195 Jianye Hao, Huang Dongping, Yi Cai and Ho-Fung Leung. Networked Reinforcement Social Learning towards Coordination in Cooperative Multiagent Systems (SHORT)
  • 38 Xin Wang and Congfu Xu. SBMF: Similarity-Based Matrix Factorization for Collaborative Recommendation (SHORT)

Session A43. Planning II & Multi-Agents
Chair: Guangbing Yang
  • 258 Cesar Guzman, Pablo Castejon Navarro, Eva Onaindia and Jeremy Frank. Robust plan execution in multi-agent environments (REGULAR)
  • 168 Yifeng Zhou and Yichuan Jiang. Agent Division and Fusion for Task Execution in Undependable Multiagent Systems (REGULAR)
  • 222 Sherief Abdallah and Seema Sadleh. DNVA: a tool for visualizing and analyzing multi-agent learning in networks (REGULAR)
  • 271 Faten Ben Hmida, Wided Lejouad Chaari, Remy Dupas and Anne Seguy. Evaluation of communication in multiagent systems for supply chain planning and control (SHORT)

Session A44. Emotion Analysis
Chair: Georgios Drakopoulos
  • 95 Shunshun Yin, Jun Han, Kuldeep Kumar and Yu Huang. Dependency-Topic-Affects-Sentiment-LDA Model for Sentiment Analysis (REGULAR)
  • 178 Nabeela Altrabsheh, Mihaela Cocea and Sanaz Fallahkhair. Sentiment analysis: towards a tool for analysing real-time students feedback (SHORT)
  • 198 Jun Yang, Lan Jiang, Chongjun Wang and Junyuan Xie. Multi-Label Emotion Classification for Tweets in Weibo: Method and Application (SHORT)

Session B21. SAT/CSP 4 Complexity Issues, Soft Constraints
Chair: Nicolas Schwind
  • Ronald de Haan, Iyad Kanj and Stefan Szeider. Small Unsatisfiable Subsets in Constraint Satisfaction (REGULAR)
  • El Mouelhi Achref, Philippe Jegou and Cyril Terrioux. Hidden Tractable Classes: from Theory to Practice (REGULAR)
  • Balasim Al-Saedi, Eric Gregoire, Bertrand Mazure and Lakhdar Sais. Extensions and Variants of Dalal's Quad Polynomial Fragments of SAT (REGULAR)
  • Alexander Knapp, Alexander Schiendorfer and Wolfgang Reif. Quality over Quantity in Soft Constraints (REGULAR)

Session B22. CIMA 2014
Chair: Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis
  • Sarah Calderwood, Kim Bauters, Weiru Liu and Jun Hong. Adaptive uncertain information fusion to enhance plan selection in BDI agent systems
  • Yingke Chen, Kim Bauters, Weiru Liu, Jun Hong, Kevin McAreavey, Llu'is Godo and Carles Sierra. AgentSpeak+: AgentSpeak with Probabilistic Planning
  • Anca Goron, Ioan Alfred Letia. Instrumenting the Auditing of Business Process Logs
  • Andrei Mocanu, Xiuyi Fan, Francesca Toni, Matthew Williams and Jiarong Chen. RecoMedic: Recommending Medical Literature through Argumentation
  • Menelaos Makriyiannis, Tudor Lung, Robert Craven, Francesca Toni and Jack Kelly. Smarter Electricity through Argumentation
  • Douglas A. G. Vieira, Adriano L. Santos1, Hani C. Yehia1, Adriano C. Lisboa1, Carlos A. M Nascimento. A hybrid computational vision technique for smoke detection in videos
  • Maumita Bhattacharya. Diversity Handling in Evolutionary Landscape
  • Gloria Cerasela Crisan, Elena Nechita, Vasile Palade. Ant-Based System Analysis on the Traveler Salesman Problem Under Uncertain Dynamic Behaviour

Session B23. Social Networks II
Chair: Rushed Kanawati
  • 137 Aminu Muhammad, Nirmalie Wiratunga and Robert Lothian. A Hybrid Sentiment Lexicon for Social Media Mining (REGULAR)
  • 51 Mohamed Bouguessa, Rokia Missaoui and Mohamed Talbi. A Novel Approach for Detecting Community Structure in Networks (REGULAR)
  • 267 Andreas Kanavos, Isidoros Perikos, Pantelis Vikatos, Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis, Christos Makris and Athanasios Tsakalidis. Conversation Emotional Modelling in Social Networks (REGULAR)
  • 209 Mohamed Mbarki, Omar Marey, Bentahar Jamal and Khalid Sultan. Agent Types and Adaptive Negotiation Strategies in Argumentation-Based Negotiation (REGULAR)
  • 54 Zhirun Liu, Heyan Huang, Xianling Mao and Xiaochi Wei. Tri-Rank: An Authority Ranking Framework in Heterogeneous Academic Networks by Mutual Reinforce (REGULAR)
  • 185 Hedia Zardi, Lotfi Ben Romdhane and Zahia Guessoum. A multi-agent Homophily-based-Approach for community detection in social networks (SHORT)

Session B24. A.I. Applications
Chair: George Vouros
  • 172 Gerardo Beruvides, Ramon Quiza, Ferardo Castno, Marcelino Rivas and Rodolfo Haber. Intelligent Models for Predicting the Thrust Force and Perpendicular Vibrations in Microdrilling Processes (REGULAR)
  • 69 Malak Al-Nory and Alexander Brodsky. Towards Optimal Decision Guidance for Smart Grids with Integrated Renewable Generation and Water Desalination (REGULAR)
  • 212 Simon Fossier. A risk assessment and alerting system for maritime attacks (REGULAR)
  • 131 Bruno Faical, Gustavo Pessin, Geraldo Pereira, Andre C. P. L. F. Carvalho, Gustavo Furquim and Jo Ueyama. Fine-tuning of UAV control rules for spraying pesticides on crop fields (REGULAR)
  • 29 Michal Grec, Matej Horacek and Vilem Novak. Determination of soil damage by Fuzzy analysis (SHORT)
  • 116 Marie-Odile Cordier, Christine Largouet and Yulong Zhao. Model-Checking an Ecosystem Model for Decision-Aid (SHORT)

Session B31. SAT/CSP 5 CSP: Applications
Chair: Philippe Jegou
  • David Lesaint, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan and Vincent Vigneron. A Decomposition Approach for Discovering Discriminative Motifs in a Sequence Database (REGULAR)
  • Amina Kemmar , Willy Ugarte , Samir Loudni , Thierry Charnois, Yahia Lebbah, Patrice Boizumault and Bruno Cremilleux. Mining Relevant Sequence Patterns with CP-based Framework (REGULAR)
  • Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan, Cemalettin Ozturk, Luis Quesada and Helmut Simonis. Designing an Optical Island in the Core Network: From Routing to Spectrum Allocation (REGULAR)
  • Vincent Armant and Ken Brown. Minimizing the Driving Distance in Ride Sharing Systems (REGULAR)

Session B32. Documents & Natural Language Processing
Chair: Enrico Scala
  • 109 Guangbing Yang. A Novel Contextual Topic Model for Query-focused Multi-document Summarization (REGULAR)
  • 201 Chi Zhang, Lei Zhang, Chong-Jun Wang and Jun-Yuan Xie. Text Summarization Based on Sentence Selection with Semantic Representation (REGULAR)
  • 150 Souhila Kaci, Namrata Patel and Violaine Prince. From NL Preference Expressions to Comparative Preference Statements: A Preliminary Study in Eliciting Preferences for Customised Decision Support (REGULAR)
  • 277 Rivindu Perera and Parma Nand. RealText-CS - Corpus based domain independant Content Selection model (REGULAR)
  • 73 Gianni Costa and Riccardo Ortale. XML Document Co-Clustering via Non-negative Matrix Tri-Factorization (REGULAR)
  • 96 Mihai Dascalu, Lucia Larise Stavarache, Stefan Trausan-Matu, Philippe Dessus and Maryse Bianco. Reflecting Comprehension through French Textual Complexity Factors (SHORT)

Session B33. Robotics-Gesture-Cognition
Chair: Wanyuan Wang
  • 153 Marek Kurzynžski. Two-Stage Multiclassifier System with Correction of Competence of Base Classifiers Applied to the Control of Bioprosthetic Hand (REGULAR)
  • 188 Virginia Andersson and Ricardo Araujo. Person Identification Using Anthropometric and Gait Data from Kinect Sensor (REGULAR)
  • 76 Sami Dalhoumi, Gerard Dray and Jacky Montmain. Knowledge transfer for reducing calibration time in brain-computer interfacing (REGULAR)
  • 33 Vinicius Godoy, Alceu de Souza Britto Jr., Jacques Facon, Alessandro L. Koerich and Luiz Eduardo Soares de Oliveira. An HMM-based Gesture Recognition Method Trained on Few Samples (REGULAR)
  • 103 Petros Toumpaniaris, Dimitris Verganelakis, Nikos Spanoudakis and Michalis Zervakis. Intelligent Management of Brain Markers for Early Prognosis of the Spatiotemporal Growth of Gliomas (SHORT)
  • 39 Marios Antonakakis, Vaso Tsirka, Michalis Zervakis and Sifis Micheloyannis. A Minimal Spanning Tree Analysis of EEG Responses to Complex Visual Stimuli (SHORT)

Session B34. AI Tools, Methodology and Applications I
Chair: Jo Ueyama
  • 9 Jaroslaw Piersa. Ramification algorithm for transporting routes in R^2 (REGULAR)
  • 232 Timo Klerx, Maik Anderka and Steffen Priesterjahn. Model-based Anomaly Detection for Discrete Event Systems (REGULAR)
  • 63 Behzad Bordbar, Ahmed Al-Ajeli and Mohammed Alodib. On Diagnosis of Violations of Constraints in Petri Net Models of Discrete Event Systems (REGULAR)
  • 52 Thelma E. Colanzi and Silvia Vergilio. A Comparative Analysis of Two Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms in Product Line Architecture Design Optimization (REGULAR)
  • 112 Feng Liu, Haibo Li and Chongjun Wang. nso-HSVI: A not-so-optimistic Heuristic Search Value Iteration Algorithm for POMDPs (SHORT)
  • 248 Andrzej M.J. Skulimowski, Reveiling Complexity-Related Time-Series Features with the Monotonic Aggregation Transform (SHORT)

Session B41. SAT/CSP 6 Parallel Solving, Over-Constrainted CSPs
Chair: Alejandro Arbelaez
  • Long Guo, Said Jabbour, Jerry Lonlac and Lakhdar Sais. Diversification by Clauses Deletion Strategies in Portfolio Parallel SAT Solving (REGULAR)
  • Thorsten Ehlers, Dirk Nowotka and Philipp Sieweck. Communication in massively-parallel SAT Solving (REGULAR)
  • Minas Dasygenis and Kostas Stergiou. Building Portfolios for Parallel Constraint Solving by Varying the Local Consistency Applied (REGULAR)
  • Carlos Mencia and Joao Marques-Silva. Efficient Relaxations of Over-Constrained CSPs (REGULAR)

Session B42. Big Data & Data Mining & Databases
Chair: Alfredo Cuzzocrea
  • 98 Wenhao Shu and Wenbin Qian. Mutual Information-based Feature Selection for High Dimensional Set-valued Data (REGULAR)
  • 67 Viktor Medvedev, Olga Kurasova, Virginijus Marcinkevicius, Aurimas Rapecka and Pavel Stefanovic. Strategies for Big Data Clustering (REGULAR)
  • 46 Olivier Pivert, Virginie Thion, Helene Jaudoin and Gregory Smits. On a Fuzzy Algebra for Querying Graph Databases (REGULAR)
  • 58 Mouna Ben Ishak, Philippe Leray and Nahla Ben Amor. Random generation and population of probabilistic relational models and databases (REGULAR)
  • 245 Tiberiu Popa, Traian Rebedea and Costin-Gabriel Chiru, Detecting and Describing Historical Periods in a Large Corpora (REGULAR)
  • 122 Vasileios Kagklis, Vassilios S. Verykios, Giannis Tzimas and Athanasios K. Tsakalidis. An Integer Linear Programming Scheme to Sanitize Sensitive Frequent Itemsets (SHORT)

Session B43. Argumentation
Chair: Jean-Marie Lagniez
  • 191 Jeremie Dauphin and Claudia Schulz. ArgTeach - A learning tool for Argumentation Theory (REGULAR)
  • 177 Farid Nouioua and Eric Wurbel. Removed Set-Based Revision of Abstract Argumentation Frameworks (REGULAR)
  • 82 Nefise Yaglikci and Paolo Torroni. Microdebates App for Android: A tool for participating in argumentative online debates using a handheld device (REGULAR)
  • 123 Stefano Bistarelli, Fabio Rossi and Francesco Santini. Efficient Solution for Credulous/sceptical Acceptance in Lower-order Dung’s Semantics (SHORT)
  • 167 Valentinos Evripidou, Lucas Carstens, Francesca Toni and David Cabanillas. Argumentation-based collaborative decisions for design (SHORT)
  • 97 Dimitris Kalles and Panagiotis Kanellopoulos. A pendulum effect of expert playing in games (SHORT)

Session B44. AI Tools, Methodology and Applications II
Chair: Ahmed Abubahia
  • 12 Jiyun Li, Caiqi Sun and Juntao Lv. TCMF: Trust-based Context-aware Matrix Factorization For Collaborative Filtering (REGULAR)
  • 16 Luciana Dos Santos Belo, Carlos Antonio Caetano Junior, Zenilton K. G. Patrocinio Jr. and Silvio Guimaraes. Graph-based hierarchical video summarization using global descriptors (REGULAR)
  • 83 Ahmed Abubahia and Mihaela Cocea. Partition Clustering for GIS Data Protection (REGULAR)
  • 161 Rahul Singhal. Automated generation of region based geometric questions (REGULAR)
  • 132 Nassim Kalde, Olivier Simonin and Francois Charpillet. Asynchronous Computing of a Discrete Voronoi Diagram on a Cellular Automaton using 1-norm: application to roadmap extraction (SHORT)
  • 59 Haoxiang Wang and Jingbin Wang. An Effective Image Representation Method using Kernel Classification (SHORT)

Session C21. Constraints, SAT and Optimization
Chair: Henry Soldano
  • 210 Willy Ugarte, Patrice Boizumault, Samir Loudni and Bruno Cremilleux. Computing Skypattern Cubes using Relaxation (REGULAR)
  • 15 Florence Bannay, Marie-Christine Lagasquie, William Raynaut and Patrick Saint-Dizier. Using a SMT solver for risk analysis: detecting logical mistakes in texts (REGULAR)
  • 10 Pavel Surynek. Compact Representations of Cooperative Path-Finding as SAT Based on Matchings in Bipartite Graphs (REGULAR)
  • 81 Vincent Barichard and Igor Stephan. The cut tool for QCSP (REGULAR)
  • 142 Robin Lamarche-Perrin, Yves Demazeau and Jean-Marc Vincent. A Generic Algorithmic Framework to Solve Special Versions of the Set Partitioning Problem (SHORT)
  • 205 Laura Climent, Richard Wallace, Barry O'Sullivan and Eugene Freuder. Extrapolating from Limited Uncertain Information to obtain Robust Solutions for Large-Scale Optimization Problems (REGULAR)

Session C22. A.I. for Traffic-Transportation-Navigation Issues
Chair: Guangbing Yang
  • 102 Carlo Manna and Steve Prestwich. Online Stochastic Planning for Taxi and Ridesharing (REGULAR)
  • 100 Zhixin Song, Tongyu Zhu, Dongdong Wu and Shuai Liu. An Approach to Estimate Traffic Speed Based on Cellular Network Signaling Data on Highways (REGULAR)
  • 136 Emilian Necula. Dynamic traffic flow prediction based on GPS Data (REGULAR)
  • 79 Anas Malass, Mohamad El Falou, Mhamed Itmi and Salah El Falou. An application of adapted A* decentralized approach for on demand transportation problem (REGULAR)
  • 93 Alexandre Bonhomme, Philippe Mathieu and Sebastien Picault. A versatile description framework for modeling behaviors in traffic simulations (REGULAR)
  • 94 Zu Yan, Jie Ma, Jinwen Tian and Wenjie Zhang. Modeling Local Gravity Anomaly Self-Adaption Quotient Reference Maps for Underwater Autonomous Navigation (SHORT)

Session C23. AI Tools, Methodology and Applications III
Chair: Nysret Musliu
  • 158 Pedro Oliveira, Matheus Souza, Ronyerison Braga, Ricardo Britto, Ricardo Lira Rabelo and Pedro Santos Neto. Athena: A Visual Tool to Support the Development of Computational Intelligence Systems (REGULAR)
  • 266 Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Orlando Belo and Bruno Oliveira. Modeling and Supporting ETL Processes via a Pattern-Oriented, Task-Reusable Framework (REGULAR)
  • 240 Lei Shi, James Gopsill, Linda Newnes and Steve Culley. A Sequence-based Approach to Analysing and Representing Engineering Project Normality (REGULAR)
  • 13 Federico Bergenti. An Introduction to the JADEL Programming Language (SHORT)
  • 249 Aurelio Grande, Rosiane de Freitas and Arilo Claudio Dias-Neto. A Search-Based Franework for Selecting Software Technologies (SHORT)
  • 244 Jun Wu, Chongjun Wang and Junyuan Xie. Automated Model Revision for Coordinated Open Systems (SHORT)

Session C24. AI Tools, Methodology and Applications IV
Chair: Luiza Sayfullina
  • 227 Luiza Sayfullina, Magnus Westerlund, Kaj-Mikael Bjork and Hannu Toivonen. HP Trend Filtering Using Gaussian Mixture Model Weighted Heuristic (REGULAR)
  • 78 Andre Fabbri, Frederic Armetta, Eric Duchene and Salima Hassas. Knowledge complement for Monte Carlo Tree Search : an application to combinatorial games (REGULAR)
  • 23 Eric Medvet, Alberto Bartoli and Giulio Piccinin. Publication Venue Recommendation based on Paper Abstract (REGULAR)
  • 217 Imen Ouled Dlala, Dorra Attiaoui, Arnaud Martin and Boutheina Ben Yaghlane. Trolls Identification within an Uncertain Framework (SHORT)
  • 42 Bo Zhao, Yu Zhou, Zhengyu Zhang, Ying Na and Tinghuai Ma. Information Quantity Based Automatic Reconstruction of Shredded Chinese Documents (SHORT)
  • 160 Weam Binjumah, Yi Sun, Mark Hewitt, Rod Adams, Neil Davey, Darren Gullick, Simon Wilkinson, Mark Cronin and Gary Moss. Feature Selection Modelling for Percutaneous Absorption across Synthetic Membranes (SHORT)